Unapologetically Confident

Shopping in an "average" sized world can have its challenges.  You know what I'm talking about if you are anything larger than a size 12.  Walking through just about any mall you are pretty much limited to three or four stores to shop in.  The experience is far from magical to say the least and about 67% of all women know what I am referring to.   Thankfully there is now online shopping but even that can be tricky.  However, the plus size clothing industry has come leaps and bounds since I was in my teens so I am grateful for that.  As a teenager and young adult,  I just went with what fit.  (and even things that did not fit all that well).  Now, through tears, trial and error, and gorgeous plus size models, I have learned to dress for my body type and embrace these beautiful curves God blessed me with! 

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I wish I was exaggerating when I tell you that I have tried every single diet on the market.  I have spent over 20 years trying to be 50 pounds less than I currently am.  I have cancelled trips, dates, nights out and job interviews because I felt so much shame about what my body looked like.  I believed the lies that were told to me my entire life that you needed to be a certain size to be worthy of love and acceptance.  I believed for far too many years that I needed to fit into the box that "Teen Magazine" told me to fit into.  I did the 30 day challenges that never made it past day 4 (do people really finish those?), I juiced, I cleansed, I starved.....I hated every single thing about the way I looked.  And then, after a LOT of self love, positive affirmations and an entire mind shift, I GOT OVER IT.  I finally began to see myself for who I really was on the inside, not who I wasn't on the outside. 

I intend to accept my body today, Love my body tomorrow & appreciate my body always regardless of my size.

Sometimes I think people look at me and expect me to hate my body or expect me to want to be different, but I am so grateful that God has delivered me from that bondage and from actually caring what those people think about me, my body, my clothes or my choices.   I am healthy, I live a good 80/20 balance (80% healthy food choices, 20% cheesecake). I am a 5 time half marathon runner, mama of an active little boy, proud wife and business owner who truly has learned to love the skin I am in.  I am HAPPY, I am confident and I am here to tell you that you can feel this way too, regardless of what that devil scale says.   

I can't wait to launch my e-course on "Self Loath to Self Love" so make sure you are on the mailing list so you can be notified when it launches. Oh, and did I mention it was FREE? I am so passionate about helping women young and a little more seasoned, to truly begin to love themselves and the skin they are in that this first e-course is going to be absolutely FREE.  Take advantage of this one and let's work together to start loving yourself and the skin you are in. 

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Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself, that isn’t true anymore.
— Cheryl Strayed